Drinks and Bar

Cocktails with an Ocean View

La Barra offers a full bar to boast with a variety of mixed cocktails, international beers, sodas, sports drinks, smoothies, and energy drinks – quenching that afternoon thirst will be easy with so many options to choose from! Our smoothies are all made from our fresh fruit, and our ice is made onsite with freshly filtered water. The bar has satellite TV, so you can enjoy all of your favorite sports, keep up with online surf contests, and stay in touch with your news of choice. The sound system is designed to let everyone share their favorite music – plug and play is how we like to do it!

If you choose the VIP Surf Tour Package, you will receive a full case of beer per guest on this package to ensure optimum enjoyment throughout your surf vacation. The bar is cash only, so be prepared to pay at the end of the trip.