Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to bring?
    See below I think we have the list covered
  2. What are the waves like?
    You will have a huge variety of surf breaks to choose from our surf boats to the waves in front of La Barra. The waves out front include two punchy beach breaks, a slaby left and one point break. Just a few minutes by surf boat you have Puerto Sandino an estuary inlet with a 300 meter left that breaks top to bottom, by far the most consistent wave in the area. Further north we have 15 miles of empty beaches to explore, while south we have Playa Hermosa, Il Transito and Meat Grinders yet another world class waves on certain tides and swell.
  3. What surf equipment should I bring?
    We suggest you bring 2 short boards or your favorite two boards and 1 fun board just in case you need to break it out on smaller days.
  4. What health precautions should I take?
    Please consult with your doctor before traveling on international excursion. In general, you will need to update your tetanus shot and series of hepatitis shots. Although; there are pharmacies in Nicaragua, we advise bringing prescription medication with you.
  5. Is there Internet access?                                                   Yes -Unlimited Wireless Internet is available bring your laptop, tablet, PDA and plug in – The electrical outlets are 110v – the same as in the USA.
  6. How much money do I need to take?
    We recommend $300 to $600+ (per person)… US dollars are accepted everywhere, so you can always take what you don’t use home.
  7. Packing Essentials                                                       The best advice when packing for a surf trip is to pack as light as possible. The following list is divided into two categories: In the Water and Out of the Water.

Out of the Water

*PASSPORT plus copy*

  1. Airline Tickets plus copy
  2. Cash (credit cards are rarely accepted)
3. Comb or brush (optional)
  3. Contact Lens Kit
  4. Deodorant
  5. Ding Repair/Sun Cure Resin
  6. Drivers License plus copy
  7. Eyeglasses
  8. Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  9. Moisturizer (optional)
  10. Mosquito Repellant with DHT
  11. Multi-board travel bag
  12. Nail Clippers (optional)
  13. Pain Medicine (optional)
  14. Light weight Pants (1)
  15. First Aid Kit
  16. Sandals
  17. Shaving Kit
  18. Shoes
  19. Socks
  20. Sun Hat
  21. Sunglasses
  22. Sunscreen
  23. Surf Towel
  24. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  25. Travel backpack
  26. Waterproof jacket

In the Water

  1. Surfboards (3 boards in one board bag)
  2. Leashes (3)
  3. Extra leash tethers
  4. Fin Sets
  5. Extra fin keys and screws
  6. Long Sleeve Rash guard (optional)
  7. Spring Suit (optional)
  8. Board shorts (2-3 pairs)
  9. Wetsuit Top (optional but recommended)
  10. Wax