Nicaragua is the largest country in Central Americas and borders Honduras and Costa Rica. The civil war is over so you don’t need to worry about any problems with violence in Nicaragua, it is one of safest countries in Central America and you will see when you meet the locals. The currency is the Cordova you get about 24-27 per U.S. Dollar so you can be a big spender in Nica but make sure you don’t bring any bills that have cuts or tears they will not accept these in any stores or markets.

Everything is far away so you will be driving to get to places so make sure you bring plenty of bottled water on your day trips. Average drive time to and from most places is 1-2 hours but you can stop along the way. All major banks are located in major cities so if you need to use an ATM be sure to do so in Managua, Chinandega, Leon, Granada, Rivas or San Juan Del Sur.

Best to practice up on your Spanish if you want to get directions or speak with the locals as most part of Nicaragua is non English speaking country. You will find educated people in the major cities that speak English but for the most part you will enjoy learning while visiting Nicaragua.